Do You Know How Estate Sales Work?

Do You Know How Estate Sales Work?


Do You Know How Estate Sales Work?

Not everyone may know about estate sales, even though they may have heard about them from time to time. If you are interested in setting up traditional estate sales in Kirkland & Redmond or shopping one, Ginny’s Girls Estate Services is the team to get in touch with!

Estate sales are essentially a mode for selling most or all of the contents of a household. These sales usually take place after the owner’s death or another event that may cause the homeowners to leave the home quickly. Estate sales will sometimes run the course of a few days and will be open to the public. In some cases, a team like ours at Ginny’s Girls Estate Services will hold the sale after being hired by the family.

What Are Traditional Estate Sales?

Sometimes referred to as a tag sale, estate sales get set up to sell either your own possessions or that of a loved one in an orderly fashion. This is much more involved than a yard sale, and everything gets marked with a price tag and is up for sale. The name literally means the sale of the entire estate.

In most situations, absolutely everything will be up for sale during an estate sale. However, the family may want to keep a few sentimental pieces. When a realtor has put a home up on the market, new owners may also want some of the items – the items will get listed in their contract.

What We Do

Here at Ginny’s Girls Estate Services, we take on all of the planning and hard work for the entire sale. We will go over your needs and the items within the home, handle all of the organization, set up the sale, and work with buyers on pricing/negotiation. We will also take care of the advertising for your sale!

Are you interested in learning more about traditional estate sales in Kirkland & Redmond? Call Ginny’s Girls Estate Services at (206) 979-9030.