Estate In Liquidation Seattle

There could be any number of reasons to want to set up some estate sale. However, how can you tell if working with a service offering estate liquidation in Seattle would fulfill your needs better?

You could have a home that needs emptying after a family member dies, or there could be other reasons for it – downsizing, financial issues, divorce, retirement, and more. No matter the reason, you have options available to you when it is time to empty the house’s contents. This includes a family estate sale, a professionally-run estate sale, or what is known as estate liquidation.

What Is Estate Liquidation?

When it comes to estate liquidation services, there is little that you have to do. You get in touch with the team you are interested in hiring to get a contract that details the overall sale and the cost involved – this will usually include a percentage of the total (or gross). Before the sale, the liquidation team goes through the home with you to remove whatever you want – or they can make sure that items are isolated so that they do not get sold.

All of the sale items will be cleaned, sorted, and photographed to get ready for the next step of marketing the sale. Invites get sent out or flyers and ads to ensure that plenty of people show up when the sale commences. Any of the upfront costs are generally part of the contract.

On the day of your estate liquidation sale, everything is handled for you. This includes setting up any display cases or tables or making sure that there is an outdoor tarped area if there is a need for additional space. Everything is recorded for the sale price, and once the sale is done, the entire estate is left cleaned out so that it is ready for you to sell.

Let Ginny’s Girls Estate Services help you with estate liquidation in Seattle. Call (206) 466-0759 for more information!

We Love Our Customers!

Ginny’s Girls did a great job of displaying a large quantity of different items – everything from furniture to vases, jewelry, plants, yard tools, etc. They sold more than I thought they would and even referred some items to auctions to gain higher prices. The auctions took time to complete, which was outside of their control. It was not a problem for us, but it is something to keep in mind. They also did a great job of clean-up after the sale. They were easy to work with throughout the process. Their schedules can get busy and it takes time for them to prepare for each sale, so some advanced scheduling with them may be necessary.

Another excellent experience with Ginny’s Girls. House was full of great quality items, prices were great, and check-out was easy

Awesome & Amazing 💯 🤗

This business is so thorough, I love browsing the pics each week of what's going to be in upcoming sales. Staff is pretty helpful and knowledgeable. Getting there early is key if you want to grab something you saw online. I think their system is fair for signing up as far as entering the sales. They are also very respectful of the family and the house they are occupying for each sale.

My husband and I have been attending Ginny's Girls Estate Sales for a couple years now. Unlike other sales we've attended, they are consistently well run, friendly, and fairly priced. Because of their sales, my workshop is full of quality tools and our home is furnished with quality name-brand kitchen, bath, and other home accessories. Why buy throw-away stuff from a big box retailer when you can be GREEN and save money by purchasing gently used home furnishings and hardware from Ginny's Girls?!

Mary Ann and crew did a great job cleaning up my son's rental and selling all his assets. It was a huge weight off our shoulders! Also the cleanup after the sale was a nice touch.

Ginny's Girls are a very professional estate sale company. Their customer service is superb and we love shopping their sales.

Ginny's Girls has the best sales in the Puget Sound area! Awesome, hardworking staff, fair pricing, beautiful staging. I have found some awesome vintage pieces to regular everyday items that I've been thrilled to take home. Don't pass up an opportunity to go to one of their sales, come early if you see something you like! Always worth the wait. Plus, it's great to see new life being put into so many items instead of them being thrown away! Love these ladies!

I have always found amazing treasures from their estate sale. They are very efficient and professional when it comes to managing estate sales. Very fair in terms of pricing and managing customers. Very friendly and fun people. ❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏

I have attended many estate sales sponsored by Ginny's Girls, and I have enjoyed them all, and yes, I recommend anyone looking for great selections of quality items for sale at very reasonable prices, hosted by friendly and helpful folks. Thank you, Ginny's Girls!