Estate In Liquidation Seattle

There could be any number of reasons to want to set up some estate sale. However, how can you tell if working with a service offering estate liquidation in Seattle would fulfill your needs better?

You could have a home that needs emptying after a family member dies, or there could be other reasons for it – downsizing, financial issues, divorce, retirement, and more. No matter the reason, you have options available to you when it is time to empty the house’s contents. This includes a family estate sale, a professionally-run estate sale, or what is known as estate liquidation.

What Is Estate Liquidation?

When it comes to estate liquidation services, there is little that you have to do. You get in touch with the team you are interested in hiring to get a contract that details the overall sale and the cost involved – this will usually include a percentage of the total (or gross). Before the sale, the liquidation team goes through the home with you to remove whatever you want – or they can make sure that items are isolated so that they do not get sold.

All of the sale items will be cleaned, sorted, and photographed to get ready for the next step of marketing the sale. Invites get sent out or flyers and ads to ensure that plenty of people show up when the sale commences. Any of the upfront costs are generally part of the contract.

On the day of your estate liquidation sale, everything is handled for you. This includes setting up any display cases or tables or making sure that there is an outdoor tarped area if there is a need for additional space. Everything is recorded for the sale price, and once the sale is done, the entire estate is left cleaned out so that it is ready for you to sell.

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