Snohomish County Estate Sale Service FAQs

Snohomish County Estate Sale Service FAQs

Snohomish County Estate Sale Service FAQs

An estate sale comes with its own set of unique challenges and variables. However, our Ginny’s Girls Estate Services team gets some questions that seem to come up more than others. When you are considering an estate sale in Snohomish County, some of the following questions might come to mind:

Q: Will I have to organize and clean the estate before the sale?
A: No, our team will take care of cleaning, organizing, and displaying every item to sell within the property.

Q: How can I tell what various items are worth?
A: The great thing about hiring a trusted estate sale service like ours is that you will not have to worry about pricing. We use our years of experience and outside research for appraisals to determine item values.

Q: Will you bring items in from other sales?
A: No, we never mix or combine items remaining from past sales.

Q: What happens to any items that do not sell?
A: Most of the items will go during the planned sale. However, any remaining items belong to you. We provide options you can use at the end of the estate sale – donations, eBay, and consignment are some popular choices.

Q: Will you be discounting estate sale items?
A: Items never get reduced pricing on the first day of a multi-day sale. However, reduced pricing might be offered on subsequent days. This all depends on the situation and other factors of the sale planning.

If you are curious about estate sale service in Snohomish County, we are here to help! Contact Ginny’s Girls Estate Services at (206) 979-9030 for details. We take the stress and hassle out of planning and executing an estate or liquidation sale.