Top Estate Sale Shopping Tips

Top Estate Sale Shopping Tips

Everyone loves a good sale, but have you ever dipped your toes into the estate sale world? There are many excellent finds out there just waiting to get snatched up by the right buyer. Whether you are looking to add pieces to your collection, find unique gifts for special occasions, or just want to browse around, the more you know about shopping estate sales, the better. Ginny’s Girls Estate Services is the number one estate sale service in the Kirkland & Redmond areas, and we want to help you with some of the best insider tips to shop.

Be Prepared

This may seem simple, but you would be amazed at how many tools you wish you had with you that you may not have given a second thought. Some of the savviest estate and liquidation sale shoppers will bring a small tote bag with them that carries unique shopping aids:

  • Measuring tape
  • List of items you are interested in
  • Plastic bags
  • Screwdriver (just in case you need to dismantle something to fit in your vehicle)
  • Hand sanitizer

Think Beyond Original Color

Often, you will find an item’s texture, size, or shape to be perfect, but the condition or color of the paint may throw you off. Remember that paint can be changed, but the structure of something often cannot.

The Grouping Mentality

There could be estate sales where you find many of a particular item you never realized you needed. This plethora of one item could look incredible when grouped on a tabletop or wall. Vintage salt and pepper shakers for a lazy Susan, letterpress stamps hung on the wall in a wooden container, and many other options could make a unique focal point.

Always Ask

If you have questions about an item or the pricing seems high, ask if it is the best price they have or if they can offer more information on the piece.

Along with knowing how to shop estate sales, Ginny’s Girls Estate Services wants you to know who to call when you need an estate sale service in Kirkland or Redmond. Call (206) 466-0759!