Vintage Goods For Sale Seattle

Many people have goods around their home or a loved one who has passed and do not realize what each item is worth. Rather than taking on the sale of these pieces on your own, you can look to the help of an estate sale service to do it for you. If you would like to put some of your vintage goods for sale in Seattle, Ginny’s Girls Estate Services is here to assist.

You may have been to tag sales or antique shops in the past and wondered how items are priced. You could also look online at auction sites and see items similar to what you have and see variations in pricing. Working with a skilled team with experience in estate sales and vintage goods will help you get on the right track. At Ginny’s Girls Estate Services, we are a multi-generation team that understands best practices for pricing and selling vintage goods of all kinds.

There is a lot involved in making sure that your sale is a success. With all of the working parts, you never want to get overwhelmed. Ginny’s Girls Estate Services can go over the process with you, take a look at all of the pieces you would like to put up for sale, and then handle all of it for you. Not only will we organize and price the items, but we also market the sale to ensure that you have the interest and foot traffic necessary to make it a success.

Are you unsure if the goods that you have are vintage or whether or not they are worth selling? We would be happy to take a look! Get in touch with our team at your earliest convenience.

Let Ginny’s Girls Estate Services handle your vintage goods for sale in Seattle. Call us at (206) 466-0759 for more information.

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