Are You Looking For Vintage Goods? Try Estate Sales In Lynnwood & Edmonds!

Estate sales are a great way to find all sorts of tools, collectibles, and furnishings at a decent price. If you are hoping to score some quality vintage goods for sale in Lynnwood & Edmonds, Ginny’s Girls Estate Services has […]

Do You Know How Estate Sales Work?

  Not everyone may know about estate sales, even though they may have heard about them from time to time. If you are interested in setting up traditional estate sales in Kirkland & Redmond or shopping one, Ginny’s Girls Estate […]

Is It Time To Look Into Hiring An Estate Sale Service In Bothell & Mill Creek?

While it still may seem far away, millions of people will require long-term care for a loved one at some point. When it comes time to think about moving into that beautiful retirement community or assisted living facility, what do […]

Vintage Goods For Sale, Estate Sales, And More In Everett

If you are looking to sell some vintage goods, you may be wondering where to start. Here at Ginny’s Girls Estate Services, we help clients when it comes time to downsize, gather items for an estate sale, or price out […]

Get Organized – Let Us Help With Traditional Estate Sales

You could have any number of reasons why you need to hold an estate sale. Whether there was a death in the family or you needed to liquidate many items for a big move, there needs to be a process […]

A Dependable Estate Sale Service For Seattle Residents

It is always a sad occasion when a loved one passes, but you also have to think about the next best steps to take. Such a transition will often include liquidation of a significant amount of household items that the […]

Do You Have Vintage Goods For Sale In King County? Take It To The Next Level!

Over the years, you may have begun to accumulate a variety of vintage items. It could have started as a hobby, then you inherited a lot of items when loved ones passed away, You may also be someone who was […]

Get Results With Traditional Estate Sales In Snohomish County

Did you know that there is an easier way to handle downsizing your home? Have you been hit with a family tragedy, and you now need to go through the process of liquidation? No matter what your needs might be, […]

Selling an Inherited House: The Stress-Free Guide

Inheriting a house from a loved one can be a wonderful gift and a challenging situation to navigate all at the same time. Depending on the circumstances, you may have a few options on what you can do with the […]

Why Hire An Estate Sale Service In The Lynwood & Edmonds Area?

You may not realize just how much is involved with pulling off a successful estate sale until you are already in the thick of things. Hiring a dependable estate sale service in Lynnwood & Edmonds will ensure you never miss […]
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