We hope that the information below addresses any questions or concerns you may have when considering Ginny’s Girls for your project. If there is any additional information we can provide to you, please reach out to info@ginnysestates.com.


How do we begin? 

After we connect with you, Ginny’s Girls will arrange a complimentary 1 hour consultation with you to assess your project. We will then discuss with you the options available to meet your specific needs and will follow up with a formal proposal or estimate for all services. Once you have accepted the proposal and a contract is signed, Ginny’s Girls will get to work on your project! 


How should I prepare for the meeting? 

It is best to leave the space as it is now. We are accustomed to working in transitional spaces and can make our assessment regardless of the mess. Avoid discarding items before we arrive, they may end up being valuable to the sale.  


What are my options for move management services? 

During your initial consult with Ginny’s Girls, we will work together on a plan that meets your goals. We can assist with downsizing, organizing, packing, unpacking and overall move coordination. We can also help you settle into your new home by mapping your new space to stage furniture, ensure utilities are arranged and even finding your new favorite take out place. 


What are my options for holding an estate sale? 

During your initial consult with Ginny’s Girls, we will work together to best meet your needs by holding a traditional estate sale including set up and sale only, providing a complete clean out of your designated space or holding an online auction. 


What does a complete clean out of my space entail? 

Ginny’s Girls will work with you during your consult to determine the space you wish to have cleaned out. After the sale, we will take care of donating or discarding unsold items, wiping down all surfaces and vacuuming the space. 


What is done with the unsold items?  

Ginny’s makes every effort to sell your items. If there are premium items remaining, we do offer a one-week post-sale focused selling option, where we work to find specific buyers for the items. Once selling options are exhausted, we arrange for a charity to remove the items and we provide you with a listing of the items donated. We do not keep items for our personal business, instead we will pay you directly market value for all items we choose to purchase.  


How are my items moved? 

Ginny’s Girls works with a trusted group of movers to get your belongings to your new home safely. We will organize, pack and ship items for the movers. Once moved, we unpack, organize and stage your new home to your liking.  


Where do you advertise? 

Ginny’s Girls advertises via multiple avenues including national estate sale websites, email subscriber list, social media, local internet advertising and physical signage directing traffic towards the sale. We also are well connected with the vintage and collector community, and we will notify these individuals of items of specialty interest.  


Is it true that my collectible items are worth a lot of money? I have seen them sold online before. 

Collectible items can be valuable but generally they are only as valuable as someone is willing to pay. When selling online you may be able to sell one collector’s items for a high price but only if you are able to connect with a buyer willing to pay a large amount. Collector items are not as valuable as one would think. Ginny’s Girls does extensive research to ensure the best price for all your items. 


I only have a few items I would like to sell, is that possible? 

At this time, Ginny’s Girls hosts estate sales in unoccupied homes and are unable to sell items online or take them off site for consignment.


Will you bring in other items to sell at our estate sale?  

Ginny’s Girls is not in the practice of bringing in our own product to sell at your event. We prefer to focus on getting top dollar to you as the client for your own items. 


I would like some help with my move or organizing but can do most of it myself to save money. Can you help me with some of the work? 

Yes, Ginny’s Girls is happy to work with you and your family to find a service package that meets your needs.