If You Have Vintage Goods, You Can Put Them Up For Sale In Everett

You might be used to heading out on the weekend to look for a few antiques and unique finds. However, what you may not realize is that you could have some of your own items you are not using that are worth a lot of money. When it comes time to downsize or you have a relative’s belongings after their passing. it might be time for you to look at the best way to advertise your vintage goods for sale in Everett.

Why Vintage Appeal?

Most of the time, you will see quite a bit of buzz surrounding antique and vintage sales. Older items in great condition have a very strong appeal to many people, especially when they want to look back and get a bit nostalgic about a certain time in their lives.

The fact of the matter is that vintage items are a hot commodity for different groups of people, including the modern minimalist and the die-hard antique lover. You might be amazed at some of the top trends out there today amidst those who are searching for vintage items. Some of the more popular vintage goods people are looking to buy include:

  • Sunburst Clocks
  • Swedish Credenzas
  • Various brass objects
  • Vintage glass bottles and other glassworks
  • Velvet upholstery
  • Ladder back chairs
  • 1960s/1970s glam barware

If you currently have a collection of vintage items that you are looking to sell, Ginny’s Girls Estates can help. We specialize in home clean-outs, downsizing, estate sales, and other options that will help you to de-clutter and get money for the items that you are hoping to move.

Call Ginny’s Girls Estate Services at (206) 979-9030 to learn more about putting up vintage goods for sale in Everett.

What Bellevue Residents Should Know About Traditional Estate Sales

What Bellevue Residents Should Know About Traditional Estate Sales

It is normal to have questions about holding traditional estate sales in Bellevue, especially if you have never done one before. For many people, it is easier to call in the help of experienced professionals for a task like this. You will find that our multi-generational team here at Ginny’s Girls Estate Services has you covered!

How often have you heard of estate sales? Do you frequent large tag sales or vintage sales? There is a lot of planning and careful organizing that has to go into such a liquidation sale to ensure everything goes off as smoothly as possible. However, you need to know that a traditional estate sale is a lot more than a garage sale or yard sale.

Understanding Estate Sales

The term ‘estate sale’ often gets used whenever someone needs to plan a liquidation of their ‘estate’ for one reason or another. Top reasons for holding estate sales include:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Moving
  • Death in the family
  • Downsizing
  • Divorce, and more

For a lot of these types of sales, the public is invited to either a designated sale location or the property so that they can browse through the items for sale at a pre-determined price.

Why Call Ginny’s Girls Estate Services?

Do you want to have a seamless process for selling items after a loved one passes? Is it time to move across the country, and you no longer need a lot of your furnishings or belongings? No matter the reason, Ginny’s Girls Estate Services will make sure that everything is handled so that you have little to nothing to worry or stress about. We can take care of everything from the organizing and pricing to negotiating with buyers while ensuring that your sale is appropriately advertised.

If you are interested in learning more about traditional estate sales in Bellevue, call Ginny’s Girls Estate Services at (206) 979-9030.

Need To Plan An Estate Sale In Seattle? We Have an Estate Sale Service To Help!

Need To Plan An Estate Sale In Seattle? We Have an Estate Sale Service To Help!

While you may think that you can handle all of the aspects of an estate sale, there may be a lot of factors that you are forgetting to consider. Rather than taking this task on yourself, there are many benefits of hiring Ginny’s Girls Estate Services for insight as a professional estate sale service in Seattle and the surrounding areas.

Why Ginny’s Girls Estate Sales?

When you contact us to begin the process of an estate sale for you, it will put your mind at ease that you are working with a professional team with many years of experience. As a family-owned and operated multi-generational business, we have the level of caring and compassion that you want during this time. We are focused on communities in and around Seattle, so we know all of the right ways to advertise to get the word out about your estate sale.

Let us take care of all of the details so that you have less stress and burden on your shoulders!

Just a few of the many benefits of hiring us to plan and manage your estate sale include:

  • Photographing
  • Staging
  • Advertising
  • Organization
  • Appraisals
  • Negotiations, and more

The bottom line with any estate sale is that you want to be able to make sales, and we want to see you succeed. We work to ensure you get top dollar for your items and collectibles, and we have vast experience with appraisals and liquidations. If you have any questions or concerns, we always have a member of our team ready to go over all of the details with you of how our sales work and every phase of the process.

Get organized with a professional estate sale service in Seattle. Call Ginny’s Girls Estate Services at (206) 979-9030 for details!

Let Us Help You Put Up Your Vintage Goods For Sale In King County

Let Us Help You Put Up Your Vintage Goods For Sale In King County

You may feel as though it is time to downsize your current estate or a move has been on your mind. It may also be that you have recently lost a loved one, and it is time to think of liquidating their belongings. No matter what, you need to know what you are looking at when putting up vintage goods for sale in King County and the surrounding areas.

What many people may not realize is how much various items are worth. Whether or not you feel as though something is trash or treasure, the chances are good that someone out there has been searching for one or more of the items you might sell. While the second-hand market is a tricky avenue to navigate, we are here to help at Ginny’s Girls Estate Services.

Why Choose Experts to Sell Your Vintage Goods?

We are a family-owned and operated business featuring multi-generational staff with expertise in move management and estate sales. We can go over your options for senior moves, downsizing, sales after a divorce, liquidation selling, traditional estate sales, and more. All you have to do is let us know what you are looking for, and we are happy to formulate a sale that fits.

There are plenty of benefits from hiring our services, including:

  • Save Time
  • Save Money
  • Eliminate Hassle
  • Declutter Without Stress
  • Handle a Move With Ease
  • Never Worry About Advertising
  • Leave the Organization, Sorting, and Pricing to Us!

To help with your vintage goods for sale in King County, look to our team at Ginny’s Girls Estate Services. Call us at (206) 979-9030 for more information. We would love to go over your needs and make sure that you have a sale that gets you the pricing you are after for all of your vintage goods.

Get Help With A Traditional Estate Sale At Your Snohomish County Property

Get Help With A Traditional Estate Sale At Your Snohomish County Property

Have you been looking for an easier way to downsize your current home? Are you dealing with the next steps after the death of a loved one? Have you gone through a divorce, and you need to cut the clutter? If so, you may want to talk to someone about helping you get everything under control with traditional estate sales in Snohomish County.

Organization is Key

While you might be able to get a good amount of the organization done on your own, deciding to work with a professional estate sale service will save you a good amount of stress and time. If you hire the right team for the task, you might also benefit from more of a profit than you would otherwise see.

Grieving and Loss

If you are going through the loss of someone close to you, there is the grieving factor that you need to consider. It can often be challenging to go through your loved one’s belongings, and parting with everything can be heartbreaking. Our friendly,  compassionate team at Ginny’s Girls Estates considers your situation, and we work closely with you each step of the way. We ensure all of our clients and their lost loved one’s belongings are treated with the respect and dignity that they deserve.

About Ginny’s Girls Estates

Our multi-generation team not only specializes in traditional estate sales, but we have experience in storage clean-outs, sale advertising and promotion, post-sale clean-outs, and so much more. We want to talk with you about your needs to set up a customized plan to help.

When it comes to having traditional estate sales in Snohomish County, you can count on our team at Ginny’s Girls to take care of everything for you. If you want to learn more about the process and our experience, please give us a call at your earliest convenient – (206) 979-9030.

Enjoy The Benefits Of An Estate Sale Service In Lynnwood & Edmonds

Enjoy The Benefits Of An Estate Sale Service In Lynnwood & Edmonds

There could be many reasons you may look to the help of an experienced estate sale service in Lynnwood & Edmonds. You may want to downsize your home, or you have to think about the next steps after a loved one passes. Trying to get through a lot of clutter and weed through belongings can be overwhelming to many. This is where hiring a dependable team will ensure everything is done smoothly and as stress-free as possible.

We Handle the Organizing

You may already have a lot on your mind, so the last thing you want to think about is trying to organize and set up an estate sale. Professional services, such as our team here at Ginny’s Girls Estates, will give you the freedom to handle your routine while we cut back on the stress. We also like to make sure that our clients see more profits by having everything handled while using our proven planning process.

Dealing With Loss

When someone is grieving, it can be unbearable to think about going through their belongings to discard, donate, or sell. We have a friendly, compassionate, and experienced team of three generations that will take your unique situation and work with you through each step. We like to ensure that our clients have the respect they deserve when handling the loss of a loved one and their belongings.

Packing, Storing, and Selling

Do you need items packed up and stored? Are you hoping to have a sale as soon as possible? We specialize in everything from traditional estate sales to full promotion and advertising to help you get the results you need from your upcoming sale. All you have to do is talk with us about your goals, and we customize a plan to match.

An estate sale service in Lynnwood & Edmonds ensures everything gets done right. Call Ginny’s Girls Estates at (206) 979-9030 to learn more!

Kirkland & Redmond Residents Love Searching For Unique Vintage Goods For Sale

Kirkland & Redmond Residents Love Searching For Unique Vintage Goods For Sale

You don’t have to be an antique dealer or have access to special listings in order to find some of the best vintage goods for sale in Kirkland & Redmond. There are plenty of ways that you can get your hands on collectibles, vintage clothing, and other unique goods. All you have to do is follow along with some of the events and sales that we have coming up at Ginny’s Girls Estate Services!

Why Shop Estate Sales?

As an estate sale company, our team understands the ins and outs of handling large-scale sales and liquidation events. We make sure that everything is carefully organized, which includes pricing on some truly wonderful merchandise. When it comes to various vintage goods, you truly never know what you may come across.

These are some helpful tips that you can keep in mind as you are trying to find the best stuff at estate sales:

  1. Research – You will find all of our upcoming sales listed on our blog. Take the time to mark your calendar so that you never miss out on some of the biggest sales in the Kirkland and Redmond areas.
  2. Pricing – Depending on the structure, many estate sales will last a few days – Friday through Sunday are the most popular days. We always ensure fair pricing on all of the goods that we have listed at estate sales, but it is also important that you never sleep on something you love. If you show up to a sale on Friday and expect to come back on Sunday to make a purchase, what you were looking for could be gone.
  3. Discount Inquiries – As a vintages goods shopper, you should never be afraid to ask for a discount. We are always willing to work with our attendees to ensure that we find the right balance so that our clients get a return during the sale and that shoppers also walk away comfortable with the price they paid.
  4. Comfort – When shopping for vintage goods, never bring anything bulky with you, such as a large purse or handbag. Have a small wallet or clutch with you, or keep your money in your pockets. You will want to have plenty of room in your hands so that you can go through all of the items you are interested in possibly buying!

Ginny’s Girls Estate Services has vintage goods for sale in Kirkland & Redmond. Call us at (206) 979-9030 to learn about our upcoming estate sales.

Do You Need Assistance Planning A Traditional Estate Sale In Bothell & Mill Creek?

Do You Need Assistance Planning A Traditional Estate Sale In Bothell & Mill Creek?

You may hear it referred to as a tag sale or liquidation sale, but an estate sale is essentially a way for a family or estate to sell belongings. Often more extensive and more involved than a yard sale or a garage sale, this is a great way to move items for any number of reasons. If you are hoping to put together a traditional estate sale in Bothell & Mill Creek, then there are several things you should know.

When Are Traditional Estate Sales Used?

Whenever there is a need to sell items for one reason or another, an estate sale is a great option. Some of the more common reasons for planning this type of sale will include:

  • Death
  • Divorce
  • Moving
  • Downsizing
  • Divorce
  • Bankruptcy

When an estate sale is planned, the public is invited and those in attendance have chances at buying any of the available items placed for sale. This is different from an estate auction, which is an event where items are auctioned off to the highest bidder rather than being marked with a price point.

Why Hire a Traditional Estate Sale Company?

Many people like to enlist the help of professionals with estate sale experience so that they can take some of the burdens off of their shoulders. Experts who have been conducting these sales for a long time will help to streamline the process and ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. This is where you can get the help you are looking for from our team here at Ginny’s Girls Estates.

Call Ginny’s Girls Estates at (206) 979-9030 if you would like more information on planning a traditional estate sale in Bothell & Mill Creek. Our friendly team is more than happy to address whatever questions or concerns that you may have.

Professional Estate Sale Service In Everett Puts You At An Advantage

Professional Estate Sale Service In Everett Puts You At An Advantage

It often happens where someone thinks they will save money by taking on the task of an estate sale on their own. Even if you feel as though you may be able to save some money, this can lead to a wealth of obstacles and headaches that make it not worth the effort. It is vital that you know all of the advantages that come from hiring a qualified estate sale service in Everett whenever you find yourself in this situation. Overall, an estate sale is generally a more significant success when they are managed step by step by an experienced company.

Marketing Help

When you work with a company for an estate sale, you have access to the top marketing tricks in the industry. A lot of people taking the DIY route will feel as though putting up a few signs is good enough. However, you need to know that the pros have marketing tactics that go beyond simple signage. They help to bring in a range of interested buyers that are more willing to shell out top dollar for items that you are selling.


There are times when certain items found in an estate sale will be so unique or valuable that the sale itself is not the best place to market them. Instead, your estate sales team will have a broad network of industry connections to find the right buyer for these items. This is critical if you want to be sure that you are going to get the max value for all of the pertinent pieces in your estate sale.

Experience Matters

Anyone who has put one on can tell you that estate sales can be a great deal of work. However, you hire a team that goes above and beyond the sorting and all of the organizational work. Hiring an experienced team for the estate sale brings you awareness of all laws regarding local estate sales, competent staff to handle the sales, and the best knowledge for pricing. Taking the step of paying for such expertise more often brings you a smoother event process and higher sales overall.

Less Stress

The bottom line is that you may already be overwhelmed and grieving for your loved one, so you want to do whatever possible to take some of the stress and worry off of your shoulders. Pros in the estate sales world handle all the organizing, sorting items, and pricing so that you are not left emotionally drained and physically exhausted.

Are you ready to hold an estate sale and need a bit of help? Ginny’s Girls Estates can go over all of the details of the process to ensure you have an excellent experience and the results you are looking for!

Ginny’s Girls Estates is here to help whenever you need an estate sale service in Everett. Call (206) 979-9030 for details!

Thrift-Seekers Are Always Looking To Find Vintage Goods For Sale In Bellevue

Thrift-Seekers Are Always Looking To Find Vintage Goods For Sale In Bellevue

You may have a lot of items on your hand that you no longer have a use for, but you are not quite sure how to begin selling. If you had a large amount of furnishings, decor pieces, and clothing left from a friend or relative that passed, it might be in your best interest to get help from someone with experience. There are always copious amounts of people on the lookout for vintage goods for sale in Bellevue, so knowing how to begin and how to price everything is where Ginny’s Girls Estate Services can help!

The sale of vintage goods is a sizable market, but it takes a lot of insider knowledge to make it work out for the best. Ginny’s Girls Estate Services takes all of the hassle and guesswork out of this process so that all you have to do is simply relax and focus on your daily life.

Why Can’t I Just Handle the Sale On My Own?

While you can always do a DIY vintage sale or estate sale, this can turn into quite an involved project that you may find you don’t have the time to deal with. Rather than trying to subjectively price out items on your own and guessing at how to set everything up, we bring our years of experience to your sale so that it all goes as smoothly as possible.

Why Ginny’s Girls?

It is a nice feeling knowing that you have someone that you can count on who cares about the clients they work with. As a family-owned and operated business, our team knows how important your family belongings are. We offer traditional state sales, move management for seniors, and all of the final touches to ensure everything wraps up beautifully.

Instead of becoming overwhelmed, you can get your vintage goods to the masses in and around the Bellevue area with our help. Be sure to ask us how the process works and set up a time for a consultation so that you can get started.

Do you have vintage goods for sale in Bellevue? We can help you with your sale planning at Ginny’s Girls Estate Services. Call (206) 979-9030 today!